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What Prism Digital Has To Offer

We at Prism Digital believe in measurable results. Work with us to create a ground-breaking YouTube advertising campaign that generates amazing returns on investment. Our expert advertisers strategize the campaign based on your unique needs and execute it to perfection. May it be generating leads or brand awareness; we will be with you every step of the way!

We Offer ~

Video Ads, a Necessity for Businesses in This Era

Video ads are no longer an option but a necessity that brands should incorporate. Video ads give you an immense advantage that no other ad type offers. With video ads, you have the liberty to tell the full story in the most effective manner and maximize the impact. There are three key ingredients for running a successful YouTube ad campaign:


Thorough Audience Research

YouTube offers robust targeting options. All you have to do is choose the right ones. From affinity audiences to in-market segments, options are aplenty. We at Prism Digital have the knowledge and expertise to narrow down the audience and find the right people that you’re looking to target.


High-Quality Video Production

It’s a no-brainer. For your video ads to work, the production quality needs to be top-notch. You have got to put in the effort to create a video that attracts the viewers. There are numerous aspects that you need to keep in check. From video pace to framing and calls to action, there are technicalities involved that a layman would miss. Our experts can help you create a video that is perfect for a YouTube ad.


Full-Funnel YouTube Ads

Running a standalone video ad is highly unlikely to bring in results. YouTube ads need to be strategically placed. For better ad recall and higher conversion rates, you have got to create full-funnel YouTube ads. It needs expertise and we at Prism Digital have all that it takes to strategize, execute and analyze a successful YouTube ad campaign.

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Why Choose Us for Your YouTube Ad Campaigns?

Prism Digital boasts a team of advertising experts boasting years of collective experience. We believe in transparency and clear communication. We understand that creativity and attention to detail are the two key ingredients for a successful YouTube advertising campaign. We believe in numbers. We run campaigns based on thorough research and with quantifiable objectives. We keep our clients aware of the process and we stay with them every step of the way. Our campaign strategies are tailored to your business needs and are based on one objective, generating ROI for your business.

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Our Case Studies

We’ve worked with a number of companies from around the world over the years and we’ve managed to grow brands and take them to the next level with our tailored services. Check out what our clients have to say about our YouTube advertising services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduce potential customers to your business using videos uploaded onto youtube by talking about your products and services rendered. There are numerous ways to exhibit what you have to offer to your target market, including explainer films, webinars, video presentations, and more.
  • Adding YouTube videos with positive client testimonials to your website is another approach to increase the trust associated with your brand. Testimonials assist people to make easier purchasing decisions and give them confidence that they are working with a reputable business.

The viewpoints are not always relevant, you want your audience to engage. Conversions are what you truly want to get with YouTube marketing. 1,000 targeted views will have a greater impact on conversion than 10,000 untargeted views from persons who are not interested in making a purchase. Your website link is more likely to be followed by those who are truly interested in your goods or services. Prism, a knowledgeable Youtube marketing agency in Canada understands these things and can help target your posts to people who stand more of a chance of making a purchase from you than others.

With its own Search Engine Optimization ranking system, YouTube is a search engine unto itself. The practice of enhancing your channel, video content, and other on-platform assets to show up in YouTube search results is known as YouTube SEO.

In-platform SEO needs to come first if you want to succeed with YouTube marketing.

Only when content is properly optimized for YouTube will it appear in Google search results. You’ll definitely need a reliable and skilled Youtube marketing agency in Canada that is familiar with SEO for this!

Audience targeting, Watch time, and campaign purpose are some of the variables that can affect the price of YouTube advertisements.

However, with an average daily budget of about $10, YouTube advertising prices typically range from $0.10 to $0.30 per view or action. In other words, you pay roughly between $0.10 and $0.30 each time someone views or interacts with your advertisement, such as by clicking on a call-to-action. These prices can vary from time to time, so just bear that in mind–You can also consult with a Youtube marketing agency in Canada to acquaint yourself with current prices.

  • Create a channel brand: Ensure that the branding on your YouTube channel matches that on your other social media profiles.
  • Make your Video content: To increase your presence on the network, continually create and publish video content.
  • Edit your content: To improve YouTube SEO and meet search intent, optimize your video content accordingly.
  • Make your content known: Use paid ads or share your video link across other social platforms in Canada.
  • Analyze the outcomes: Examine your YouTube marketing results to determine where you can make improvements.