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SEO Press Release Writing and Distribution Services

Amplify your brand message to the right audience through our innovative SEO press release service.

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Prism Digital ~

Our Press Release Distribution Services

We give businesses a single submission point for all of their content through PR Press Distribution. There’s no need to switch between numerous websites or email accounts. Get your products and services in front of the appropriate audience at the right time – through exclusive agreements, your products and services are guaranteed to be shared with key industry influencers – increase sales by targeting the correct audience.

How We Do It? ~

What to expect from the
Best PR Press Release Distribution service provider

Prism Digital focuses on delivery clear messages that your target audience can relate to. We maximize of capturing the attention of the press and make the most out of the initial reach. We understand how to bridge the gap between a business and its target audience.


Media Coverage

We can connect you with the media no matter where you are. Our worldwide sales staff works with businesses all around the world to help them realize their marketing goals by utilizing our network of television, radio, web, and print venues.


Digital Assessment

To assist you in utilizing the new forms of communication, we provide a digital audit service. We'll evaluate your reputation and internet presence and provide you with pointers on how to strengthen each.


Industry Trade

With our industry trade news releases, you may reach out to specific audiences. Our team of editors ensures that each press release is coded for industry and subject trades, ensuring that your message reaches the right people at the right time.


Sponsored Placements

Prism Digital allows you to spread your message throughout the internet on premium, native advertising platforms. We collaborate with top-tier influencers, media outlets, and publishers to bring new audiences to your company by leveraging their trust and reputation with their audiences.


Strategic Support and Consultation

Prism Digital offers a team of public relations experts who will assist you in navigating the ever-changing media landscape and flawlessly executing all of your outreach activities. Our team of professionals is ready to examine your company's goals and provide strategy recommendations tailored exclusively to your organization.


Online PR

Having an online presence is increasingly necessary for everything from marketing and advertising to recruitment and sales, regardless of whether you work in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors. However, navigating the complicated world of websites and social media may still be difficult, especially when you're up against bigger names or more seasoned rivals.


Editorial Publishing

You can market your business to target people with creative and original advertorial content. Advertorials are a great way to connect with potential customers for your specific product or service and are a great way to spread your message.

Why Choose Us ~

Why Choose Prism Digital as Your Press Release Distribution Agency?

Our PR team allows you to communicate with your customer base with a perfect balance of social and mainstream media. We understand your needs and the message you need to deliver to your audience. Our attention to detail sets us apart in order to help you build an excellent online reputation. We have high quality standards and make sure you receive a one-of-a-kind solution that meet your requirements.

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Maintain a Unique and Professional Image Online
with the Best PR Agency in Canada

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Our Case Studies

Over the years, we have worked with multiple companies from various industries and managed to grow their brand. We achieved this through our bespoke services and expertise. Check out what our clients had to say.

FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

400 to 1000 words are the ideal word count for an online release. Remember that your distribution may be directly impacted by the length of your release. Shorter news or press releases – those under 400 words – often lack critical information and may not be identified as such by search engines. Long releases may also be marked by search engines as something other than a release and not indexed as news.

Although Prism Digital can promise that we follow best practices and keep up with them to ensure that your news release is accessible to news search engines, we are unable to promise that it will rank for the relevant search phrases or appear on the right page. Additionally, no newswire service can guarantee that the media will use your news release. Consider Prism Digital to be your delivery company. Having said that, Prism Digital is a distribution provider with a stellar reputation for promoting your press releases and giving the media high-quality content in easily readable formats. How to achieve outstanding outcomes. Ensure that your press release is intriguing, timely, relevant, and persuasive.

Using our cutting-edge techniques, Prism Digital lets you create text links to your website, add keywords to the news release URL, and submit your release to search engines. If you require assistance with news release content optimization, we provide a service that optimizes releases in accordance with our tried-and-true methodology. You can get this Premium SEO service by clicking “Upgrade” in your News Management Console and choosing SEO Optimization services on the Distribution Enhancements page.

Before we can disseminate your press releases, Prism Digital needs a legitimate contact name, email address, and phone number. Your specified details will be made public and accessible to the media in the Contact Information bar to the right of the news release. To avoid spam, the email address will be concealed behind a safe “email us here” link.

Prism Digital is the leading online news and press release delivery company in Canada
By giving consumers everything they need to generate, distribute, and manage online press releases, Prism Digital aims to help businesses obtain the customers and publicity they deserve.