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Prism Digital ~

Prism Digital’s Unmatched Mobile App Development Services

Our proven mobile app development services help you build high-performing apps and provide a seamless mobile experience across all devices. We put the user at the heart of our business and ensure that the mobile applications are scalable, secure, reliable, and easy to manage – so your business can keep up with rapid growth.

How We Do It? ~

Our Simple but Effective Mobile App Development Process

We, at Prism Digital, believe and simplifying complex processes and achieving success through efficiency and peak performance. Our Experienced app developers & designers have worked on multiple platforms to build bespoke mobile apps for brands, companies, and organizations alike. From e-commerce to web portals, we specialize in building web app solutions that add value and drive business growth.


Understanding the Requirements & Planning

We begin by gathering a full brief from the customer to determine exactly what they are looking for and choose options that will best serve their business goals. We then create a blueprint of the project, define deadlines, and specify tasks.


UI UX Planning & Software Design

Once the base is set, we start the designing process. This is where a look of back-and-forth communication is required for approvals and feedback. We dig deep and map out the whole user experience because this is what mobile apps are all about.


Software Development

We only start the development phase once the app design is approved. We build a robust software backend to support the front-end UI using the latest tools in web technology and software building.


Detailed Testing

We conduct rigorous testing after the development phase that includes code and unit testing, integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, software testing, and mobile app testing. This ensures that the app works perfectly fine.


Launching the New App

We deliver the app to the client only when it has passed our rigorous QA tests and all the bugs have been ironed out, and we’ve received the final approval of the rollout strategy.


Yearly Hosting and Maintenance

Our after-sales services include maintenance, and hosting management. If our clients opt for our maintenance service, we keep track of and monitor your application 24/7, ensuring that everything works perfectly.

What ~

Why Choose Prism Digital for Mobile App Development?

Efficiency and Effectiveness, in our opinion, are the keys to success. We guarantee project completion on schedule and are dedicated to achieving effective and efficient results. At every level of your project’s deliverables, we provide you with expert assistance and treat your project as if it were our own. Our well-knit process allows us to effectively complete the project, cutting out all the inconveniences, mistrust, and frustration. Our experienced app developers always stay in touch with the client to ensure that the client is aware of what’s happening. We believe in working as a unit, taking out the client & service provider mindset. This is how we ensure results!

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Our Online Reputation Management Process

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Work With Us ~

Our Case Studies

We have been building bespoke mobile apps for ages and have managed to work with clients from a variety of industries and our portfolio speaks for itself. Check out some of our recent case studies and see what our clients have to say about our app development service.

FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring an app developer in Canada varies based on the scope of work and the nature of the project. There are different routes that you can take as well. You can either go for a freelancer or you can hire an agency to do it for you. Working with an agency gives you peace of mind that you’re dealing with experts and app development service providers have the right tools and expertise to develop an app that looks amazing and works perfectly.

If you want an app that’s scalable, you should work with a specialized agency. Prism Digital is one of the top app development agencies in Canada & North America. Our experts have years of the collective experience and we have all the tools required to build an amazing app for you. Check out some of our case studies and reach out to us if you want an amazing mobile app for your business.

There are numerous app development agencies operating in Canada. Some of them are really good, having a proven track record. On the other hand, some are not so good. You’ve got to be very careful in choosing the right app development company because the kind of app that you’re going to get depends on this decision. If you choose an agency that has a proven track record, you can rest assured that you will get a good result out of it.

Prism Digital is one of the best app development agencies in Canada & North America, offering top-notch app development services. Our previous work shows our expertise and our client’s testimonials speak volumes of our prowess. Get in touch if you are looking for an app development service provider. All you have to do is share your idea and we’ll bring it to life.

For both Android and iOS app development, there are a variety of tools accessible. Among the options are Flutter, Java, React Native, and Xamarin. Some of these platforms work with both Android and iOS apps, while others are only available on one platform. You can select the tools that you believe are most suited to your requirements.

Mobile app development is definitely in demand this industry is growing rapidly. As more and more businesses go digital, the need for app developers will grow as well. This immense growth has given rise to new app development service providers as well. You need to be very careful in choosing the agency to work with because this would determine the end result or the kind of app that you will get.

If instead, you want to learn app development, you should research first the kind of frameworks that are in demand and the languages that are being used nowadays to develop mobile apps. You can surely go for Flutter, Java, React Native, Xamarin, etc.

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