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Run Effective Lead Generation Campaigns with Prism Digital

Lead generation is the linchpin of any successful online marketing strategy. We pride ourselves in helping companies across Canada generate high-quality leads through effective lead generation strategies. We focus not only on numbers but also on the quality of the lead that comes in. Our focus has always been on generating authentic leads with a higher potential to convert. That’s the core of our lead generation process.

How We Do It? ~

5 Step Lead Generation Process by Prism Digital

We at Prism Digital have a simple yet effective lead generation process. We employ a variety of lead generation & lead nurturing strategies that ensure a steady inflow of qualified leads for your business. We target people based on intent and not interest, meaning that we identify and reach people who are in the moment of making a decision, thus ensuring the higher probability of conversion. This is how we generate high quality leads for businesses who partner with us for their lead generation campaigns.


Acquiring Leads

Finding out where your potential clients are on the internet is the first step in any lead generation strategy. We then use the right channels and tools, such as programmatic advertising, social media, and content marketing approaches, to attract those clients.


Nurturing Leads

It's an art to move your existing leads through the sales funnel. Once you've got a potential client's attention, you need to maintain their interest by utilizing strategies like email marketing. This is done to keep their attention and ensure when the moment comes, they are ready to get on board.


Scoring Each Lead

By systematically profiling your leads over time, you can get a clear image of who your lead is and how qualified they are to make a purchase. Moving leads through the subscriber to lead, marketing, and sales qualifying phases of their lives helps you visualize your sales funnel and segment leads for more effective communication targeting.


Passing Along Leads to Sales

This is where the sales and marketing departments must work together closely. Setting up well-defined steps in the lead management process is essential for keeping a continuous flow of leads from the beginning to the end of any sales funnel. The focus is kept on the lead generation process, which includes attracting leads, keeping their attention, nurturing leads to keep them from drifting away and developing their willingness to connect with you in the future.


Evaluation of the Process of Lead Generation

Our lead generation process is constantly scrutinized to ensure that it is as effective as possible in attracting new leads, keeping them, converting them, and retaining them over time. Marketing Analytics is used to keep track of the goals and ensure that certain benchmarks are met.

Why Choose Us ~

Why Choose Prism Digital for Your Lead Generation Campaigns?

Our advertising experts have years of collective experience in executing & managing lead generation campaigns for businesses in Canada and around the world. We have the right tools, database and AI based targeting capabilities that ensure quantifiable results. We make sure that your advertising budget is not wasted and you only pay for the number of qualified leads that you get for your business.

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Process ~
Our Online Reputation Management Process

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Work With Us ~

Our Case Studies

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FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team at Prism Digital has extensive experience generating leads and does it using a non-scripted method. We only make contact with organizations that we know will be helpful to you and only with decision-makers. We are much more likely to see results if we target these individuals.

Lead generation is probably cost-effective if your company prioritizes business growth through improved sales performance. A business can expand in one of two ways.

The first choice is to raise the average amount of money that current clients spend with you. You might, for instance, add a new product line or provide other services.

The second choice is to expand the company’s clientele. This necessitates the application of lead generation in some way. In other words, the cost of lead generation is probably worthwhile in order to draw in new clients and the revenue prospects they present.

The following services are provided by Prism Digital, the leading lead generation company.

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Optimization of a website
  • Paid searches
  • Email advertising
  • outbound techniques like pay-per-click and cold calling

Maintaining some sort of digital component of a lead-generating strategy isn’t simply advised; it’s plain required, especially in the present era! To automate, monitor, and track every part of their services, a capable lead generation business should have a complete set of digital tools. The extent and caliber of the technology employed can reveal a lot about the company’s values and how current its lead-generating strategy and tactics may be.

Although not all leads are of the same caliber, every stage of the sales process might produce them. As a result, each point should take a different strategy. For instance, a person who is just starting out is still getting to know their issue and definitely needs additional support.
If the person is already prepared to buy, the same strategy will not be effective. Knowing every step of your sales funnel inside and out will help you identify potential bottlenecks and increase conversion rates.