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What Geofencing with Prism Digital has to offer

Geofencing allows a company to show ads only to those who live in a given area, limiting ad views to a specified demographic. Geofencing marketing is a crucial method that we use at Prism Digital to help you reach your marketing goals.

How We Do It? ~

Gain Competitive Advantage Over Your
Competitors With Geo-Fence Advertising

Geo-fencing advertising allows you to limit your ad expense by targeting a niche audience based on location. Use the power of geo-fencing advertising to grow your local business or expand your reach without spending too much.


Endless Perks with Local Geo-fence Marketing

The perks of geofencing marketing are numerous, and it all depends on how well you are able to develop a plan that is effective for your company. A shopper walking down the same street as your clothing store could receive a push notification about a fantastic sale or discount. This will compel people to at least browse your store, if not buy something, and eventually, it will compel them to stay in touch and continue to receive notifications about your upcoming deals.


A significant Competitive Advantage

The fact that Geofencing enables businesses to obtain data and statistics that inform them of the purchasing potential, financial capabilities, purchasing habits, motivations, and other essential information that aids businesses in understanding the decision-making process and motivations of their customers are even more amazing.


Track Your APP User's Location

This is a high-performance stealthy strategy that will enable you to innovate your marketing and is intended to produce abnormal results when it comes to achieving a very high ROI for the businesses using it. Big corporations use this little-known strategy to gain undisputed control over the potential market.


Mobile App Geofencing Advertising

Understanding how your users act while they are on the go will help you create better apps and provide amazing customer experiences. By utilizing real-time location data and gaining insightful knowledge about your consumers, you can send highly-relevant push alerts and in-app experiences at the ideal time thanks to Prism Digital's leading geofencing marketing techniques.

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Why Should You Choose Prism Digital for Geo-Fence Marketing in Canada

We are the one-stop shop for geo-fencing advertising. To help you get there, our knowledgeable team is by your side. Please feel free to contact us about anything, from planning campaigns to setting the targeting & developing creatives. We are ready to collaborate with you to plan, execute & manage your geo-fencing advertising campaigns.

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Our Case Studies

Over the years we have worked with multiple brands in varying industries and managed to take them to the next level. Our services have proven to be effective in creating success to a business. Check out what our clients have to say about it.

FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you target customers interested in your brand, geofencing entails building a virtual wall around a physical site. You may target customers who are interested in your company and what you have to offer with relevant adverts and app notifications.

To attract customers interested in their goods or services, many businesses in Canada use geofencing. Geofencing advertising can give brick-and-mortar and online businesses a competitive edge and raise customer engagement.

Geofencing has a lot of advantages, such as Increasing your understanding of your audience You can gather data about your audience using geofencing as they enter and leave your geofence. As a result, you have a deeper understanding of your target market and can produce more effective advertisements.

Reaching your audience at key moments: Geofencing advertising gives you the ability to target your market at the ideal moment to speak to them as they are considering their next purchase. You can entice customers to visit your physical business and purchase your goods.

You can create a polygon for your fence instead of the usual circle with a radius if you’d like more control. Additionally, the size of your barrier might range from the size of your store to that of a whole city. You can decide how your fences should operate off:

  • Wi-Fi triangulation
  • GPS
  • Cellular triangulation

The solutions that are most frequently suggested include triangulation via cellular and Wi-Fi because they are less battery-intensive. Users who enter the fence will be added to your audience once it has been created. When a user is added to your audience, you can send them an advertisement or notification to encourage them to visit your establishment.

You may be left wondering: What size should my geofence be? You should think about your audience and how they will access your “fence” when creating it. Consider if customers will walk or drive to your establishment if you decide to erect a fence around it, for instance. As a general rule, you should limit yourself to a four- to five-minute walk or drive.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about geofencing advertising and help you with your campaign. Get started right away!