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The Best SEO Marketing Company in Canada

Providing SEO Solutions to achieve top Google search ranking and increase leads.

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Prism Digital ~

Grow Your Organic Ranking on Google Searches With the Best SEO Services

Our professionals will ensure that your website ranks highly for your target keywords as a leading SEO Marketing Company in Canada. To identify technical issues, we begin with a sophisticated SEO assessment. We go in-depth and look for keywords that you should be using, as well as ways for you to rank higher than your competition online.

How We Do It? ~

Get to the Top of Google’s First Page With the
Best SEO Company in Canada

With our guaranteed Google Ranking packages, we can help you reach the first page of Google’s SERPs. We provide a variety of SEO packages and digital marketing services to meet the needs of our clients with different budgets. Get found locally and get more leads when you work with Canada’s best SEO Marketing Agency.


Keyword Planning and Research

We research not only your brand presence and target demographic, but also your market competitors. Our search team analyzes keywords that best suit our business based on your sector and company offers. Our team of experienced search managers creates a tailored plan of action for you based on your end goal.


On-Page Optimization

If we're building a website from the ground up for you, we'll use only Search Optimization Services friendly code, which will help you rank higher as soon as you launch. If you already have a website that needs to be updated, we'll utilize a combination of SEO tactics to help you boost your current rating on Google.


Off-Page Optimization and Content Marketing

We ensure that your content is correctly promoted, and we have a well-defined link-building strategy in place to help you climb the rankings. As part of our SEO Consulting Services at Prism, we take into account both inbound and outbound link building strategies to build a website’s authority.


Analysis and Reporting

Prism Digital monitors your website on a regular basis for things like ranking and bug checking. Our website analysis team takes into account elements including content, linking structure, social media presence, and search engine marketing, and then compiles a monthly report tailored to your needs.

An insight into the SEO process with the best SEO Agency in Canada, Prism Digital

  • Spiders “crawl” the internet in search of new documents (web pages, other documents) by tracking hyperlinks from websites already in their database.
  • Search engines index the material (text, code) in these documents by storing it in databases and updating it on a regular basis.
  • When a user does a search for relevant documents, online engines seek them in their own databases (not searching web pages in real-time)
  • Online engines add various weights and ranking elements to the produced documents using an algorithm (mathematical formula)
  • Prism Digital assists your website in ranking on the first page of Google based on these parameters.
Why Choose Us? ~

Why Choose Prism Digital?

We are the best in the business when it comes to SEO marketing. In order for a business to be recognized, we offer the best tools and expertise. Our services will allow for business growth, increased leads and, increase revenue.

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Our Online Reputation Management Process

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Work With Us ~
Our Case Studies

We have worked with many companies from varying industries over the years. Our quality services have led to their brands growth and taking them to the next level. Check out what they had to say.

FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider this scenario: you’re walking around West Edmonton’s shopping mall, and none of the stores have any signage, branding, or other indication of what’s inside. What would you do if you didn’t know which one to enter?

That is exactly what SEO does for search engines like Google, Bing, and others. SEO tells a search engine what’s inside your shop (website), and the search engine subsequently offers that information to anyone looking for it. The better your SEO-optimized website is, the more people will find it. SEO is the single most critical thing you can do to increase traffic and build a customer base for your website.

Prism Digital has been supporting businesses with the creation and ranking of their websites for years, and our expert SEO team is constantly one step ahead of the competition and up to date on the latest SEO trends. We understand that SEO is constantly evolving and that we must stay on top of the ever-changing SEO scene. Prism Digital is the solution to all of your SEO demands, whether you want to rank a new website or stay on the first page of Google SERPs for an extended period of time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising are two very distinct types of marketing that both aim for the same thing: traffic. Pay Per Click is precisely as it sounds: you pay for top Google placement and get charged each time someone clicks on a link to your website.

There are also plenty of SEO agencies claiming to be the best in the industry. Not all glimmers, though, are gold. When working with an SEO service provider, you must exercise caution. It’s because it may be a make-or-break issue for your company.

A good SEO company can take you to new heights and really put you in the spotlight, exactly where your potential consumers are, but on the other hand, a good SEO company can also take you to new lows.

There are a number of tools available to assist you to figure out what search phrases people are using, and you can make an informed guess as to how many of those terms pertain to you and your business. It’s difficult to tell how many people are looking for your products or services on search engines, as opposed to something similar but not quite the same. It’s not easy to determine which keywords are worthwhile to rank for and which aren’t.