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Professional Usability Testing Services in Canada

Check your website’s performance & ensure the best user experience on your website

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Prism Digital ~

The Best Website Usability Testing Company in Canada

By using effective data collection methods and analyzing user’s perspective, we test each and every aspect of a website’s functionality to make sure that it’s working perfectly. We use tools such as Google Page Speed Insights & more to figure out all things wrong with a website and propose possible fixes so that your website works best, loads the fastest & converts more.

What We Do? ~

Testing With a Lot of Coverage and a Lot of Speed

Reduce test windows and root out hidden issues with faster, wider device coverage. Prism Digital Testing is configured to run hundreds of thousands more tests per second while also using 20 times less memory. With high-speed device testing, your testers can avoid false positives caused by hardware limitations and root out hidden issues quickly.


Augmentation of The Team

Incorporate experienced, expert QA people into your team to ensure that you can fulfill the expectations for thorough testing and high-quality goods when they're needed. We collaborate with you to learn about your project's requirements and the types of requirements that need to be tested (functional, non-functional, or both). A dedicated point person will be assigned to your project to match your project's requirements with the appropriate specialist (s). As always, we handle all of the important details so you can concentrate on what matters most: developing your business.


Capabilities For Extensive Testing

Our team is skilled in a wide range of testing services to ensure that your website, app, or other digital product meets your business requirements before it goes live. We work to identify flaws early on and find the best way to fix them, so you can rest assured in knowing new code meets the next review or sprint with flying colors.


Automated Testing

Our practical approach to test automation allows you to concentrate on the areas where it can save you time and money. We begin by working with your team to identify areas that should be automated, using our abilities and experience in the sector. Then we'll get to work writing your code, which we can do from any device where Python is installed.


Optimization of Conversions

Convert is software that analyzes your Google Analytics eCommerce data to determine which device or browser types convert poorly. It generates actionable intelligence that you can utilize to close revenue gaps between conversions without requiring your team to submit extra data.

What ~

Why Choose Prism Digital?

We provide comprehensive usability testing services that include evaluating software’s usability requirements from a user’s perspective and involving real and intended users in the testing process. We have a staff of highly trained specialists on hand to help you with any technical concerns you may have. We offer round-the-clock support, maintenance, and repair to ensure that your digital devices are always up and running at their peak performance. Our goal is to satisfy, if not surpass, your expectations.

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Our Case Studies

Over the years we have worked with multiple clients in various industries. We’ve helped them grow their brands and take them to the next level. See what they have to say.

FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

Usability Testing involves quality assurance and other software testing processes that assess the functionality of a developed app, software, or website. The method entails observing real users attempting to execute tasks on the website or app being tested. The process is important to drive down development costs and provide error-free software to users.

Based on our research and popular opinion, the following are some of the best companies:

  • Global App Testing
  • ThinkSys
  • UserTesting
  • UserZoom
  • Maze

The 5 goals include the following 5 E’s:

  • Efficient
  • Error-tolerant
  • Easy to learn
  • Effective
  • Engaging

Developers must strive to accomplish these goals. Only then can software be declared competent and ready for launch to users.

A researcher often spearheads it, who also goes by the titles–moderator or facilitator. The researcher commands a participant to perform certain tasks on the software being tested under his/her observation.

The researcher notes each task completed by the participant. They essentially observe the participant’s behavior or receive their feedback.

The primary goal of conducting usability testing is to ensure the software, along with it, all of its major components are functioning as it is supposed to. By observing real-life people operating the software in the testing phase, one can conclude about the software’s competency or lack of it before it is officially launched for public use.

It is simply a wise business move to get usability testing done to avoid massive backlash resulting from a failed product. This helps companies anticipate user behavior, expectations, and needs well in advance.