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Prism Digital ~

The Best Cost Per Lead Marketing Agency in Canada

The most cost-effective way to grow your customer database, mailing list, or community site is through cost-per-lead advertising. According to recent statistics, the fastest-growing component of internet advertising is lead generation. We make sure with our lead generation campaigns that you only pay for the number of leads that you get.

How We Do It? ~

Reasons you should use Cost-Per Lead Marketing
for your Business in Canada


Effective Targeting

Lead generation aids in better targeting. Visitors who are ready to take action, such as filling out a form or writing down personal information, are more likely to become clients. As a result, an app's owner has a better chance of attracting a large user base.


Results That Can be Scaled

The calculation of return on investment (ROI) is made easier by setting a fixed price for leads. The efficacy of your ad investment is measured by the return on investment (ROI).


Brand Recognition

CPL advertising refers to the placement of an ad on a publisher's resource for an extended period of time. Longer exposure often improves the number of impressions and allows advertisers to increase brand awareness.


Marketing Leads

Marketing leads are leads that are specific to a particular advertiser's offer. Unlike sales leads, they are only sold once. Marketers can map leads to their sources in order to optimize marketing efforts because openness is required to produce marketing leads.


Sales Leads

A consumer who has expressed interest in purchasing a product or service is referred to as a sales lead in marketing.

Why Choose Us ~

Why Work With Prism Digital?

We can help you strategize and implement effective Cost Per Lead advertising campaigns that will generate measurable results. As one of the Best Cost Per Lead Marketing agency in Canada, we have the right knowledge and tools to plan, execute and measure advertising campaigns that deliver value & not just burn your budget.

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FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) is a digital marketing pricing model in which firms pay a pre-determined fee for each lead generated. CPL is a popular pricing strategy for e-commerce companies and companies that supply high-value subscription services or products.

Cost Per Lead (CPL) is a marketing technique in which clients only pay for high-intent prospects who exhibit interest in their services or products. The business agrees on the price of each lead and the number of leads that should be delivered to the client each month.

Converting a prospective prospect into a customer at the first interaction is unusual. Prospects require time to learn about your organization and its services. Lead nurturing is, at its core, the process of cultivating prospects who aren’t quite ready to buy.

Cost Per Lead advertising services in Canada allows you to promote throughout the Internet. Social Media Results, Search Results, and Third Party Websites are the most common venues. Most companies will target certain platforms when advertising online, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Youtube.

Your bid is the amount you’re willing to pay for someone to click on your ad in Cost Per Lead Marketing. You will not pay more than your bid, even if you pay less than your bid (depending on the ad auction).

Targeting: From keywords to demographics, targeting can have an impact on your Cost Per Lead costs. Bidding on a competitive term, such as “consumers insurance agency,” can result in greater prices due to the higher cost-per-Lead (CPL).