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IVR Voice Marketing in Canada with Prism Digital

IVR voice marketing gives you the capacity to broadcast your message to a huge number of consumers in a matter of minutes. Using a recorded voice message instead a simple SMS or email to contact your consumers or subscribers can be a very effective marketing technique. This is something that traditional live agents or outdated predictive dialers would accomplish in weeks.

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Increase Brand Awareness With IVR Voice Marketing

By reaching out to existing and potential customers, IVR marketing makes calls with important updates about your brand. Your products and services will be promoted seamlessly with IVR.


Text Messages to Voice

Send an SMS or enter your customer's phone number online, and our system will contact them back with a pre-recorded message.


Audio Broadcasts

A pre-recorded voice message is delivered to your subscribers, or chosen groups of them, through our system.



Set up voice broadcasts in advance to go to whoever you want, whenever you want. If you have a scheduled appointment, are working remotely, or are on vacation, your plans can still go as planned.


Options for Recordings

You can send us a pre-recorded file or call a toll-free number and record straight from your phone.


IVR That Can be Customized

Create a full IVR system to route incoming calls to the appropriate destination. Use the language of your choice to reach out to customers and offer outstanding customer service.

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Why Choose Prism Digital?

Prism Digital is a full-service agency with an in-house team of advertisers, designers, strategist and, project managers. We figure out you requirements and build a strong strategy based of our data and research. You won’t have to worry since we take care of everything from planning to execution and optimization. Our experts are here to make sure you get the desired results.

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Gain Better Customer Insights with IVR Voice Marketing in Canada

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Our Case Studies

We have worked with many companies from varying industries over the years. Our collective efforts have managed to grow brands and take them to the next level through our bespoke services. See what our clients have to say.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IVR, or interactive voice response, is a well-known automated call-answering and call-routing system that operates without the assistance of a human. Depending on the application, it can accept keypad inputs or voice commands and respond with voice, SMS, email, callback, or call routing.

To give you an example, when you call a customer service number, you are prompted to press 1 or 2 depending on your issue, and you are then connected to either a human or a pre-recorded response that resolves your problem. To assist clients in navigating the customer service system and connecting with the appropriate agent or receiving the resolution to their question, IVR employs a dual-tone multifrequency technology.

A computerized response system that accepts voice or keypad inputs from users is known as an interactive voice response system (IVR). What makes IVR the greatest solution for businesses in Canada is that it is straightforward to set up. Irrespective of the caller’s location, an IVR gives the same experience to every client phoning your organization.

The actual operation is pretty straightforward: when a caller dials a number, the call is transferred to the server, where the welcome message is played. An IVR that instructs the caller to press a different keypad button for several alternatives is presented after this message. Depending on the choice the caller chooses, the call moves forward, and if the pre-recorded responses or input from the system are insufficient to address the issue, the call is transferred to an agent.

Personalized customer experience is what helps organizations win customer loyalty and that can be achieved in many simple ways with an IVR. An uncomplicated thing like integrating your company’s name in the welcoming message can go a long way. You can also gather the contact details and preferences of your callers using IVR.

By automating call answering, greeting, and providing pre-recorded answers to frequently requested queries, IVR is one of the simplest ways to handle a high volume of calls without routing each incoming call to an agent. This not only minimizes the need for human interaction but also reduces the problem-fixing time for customers, thus optimizing the customer experience and boosting loyalty.

Although it may sound like technical jargon, an IVR system is one of the most useful tools for organizations to provide clients with individualized and efficient experiences. IVR system installation is just as quick and easy as downloading an app to your phone.

While businesses can operate without IVR, answering client calls on a large scale would require a lot of human engagement. Utilizing IVR enables your company to set up a pre-recorded voice script on a cloud-based platform, so when a customer rings in, the calls are directed to the appropriate agent’s number depending on availability and consumer inquiry.

IVR on the cloud is priced to match how simple it is to use, despite how expensive it may look. One of Canada’s cloud telephony providers with the fastest growth rate offers IVR services to businesses. You can create an IVR flow for your company no matter where you are in the world by entering our user-friendly dashboard and following a few simple steps. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use our drag-and-drop IVR builder, and you can activate your account in just a few minutes.

Are you prepared to use customized IVR Voice Marketing to let your business stand out in Canada? Call us right away.