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Mobile App Marketing Services by Prism Digital

Mobile app advertising is a form of mobile marketing, in which companies promote their products or services on their smartphone applications. Mobile apps have made it possible to reach millions of users with minimal effort. In addition to being an excellent way to increase customer engagement and retention, mobile advertising can also help businesses generate revenue from their apps.

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Performance Driven Mobile Advertising Strategies By
The Top Mobile Advertising Agency

We are a top mobile ad agency that can help you reach millions of mobile users and spread your brand’s message by employing multiple ad types that are sure to bring in results.Here are a few ad types that we use in our mobile advertising campaigns.


Mobile Banner Ads

These are important because they capture the attention of the viewer in full-screen mode. They are placed at the top or bottom of mobile screens and are sometimes referred to as standard banners. Full-screen banners that take up the entire screen of mobile devices are a common component of in-app banner advertising.


Mobile Video Ads

The best engagement rates are achieved by mobile video ads. Pre-roll and mid-roll mobile ads occur before the mobile video ad begins, mid-roll ads appear throughout the video, and post-roll ads display immediately following the video.


Mobile Playable Ads

Playable advertising is an interactive demo of the game that is displayed as an ad unit on mobile devices. Playable advertisements are excellent for promoting mobile games because they often last between 15 and 60 seconds.


In-App Advertisements

With animations and interactive effects, in-app advertisements provide a dynamic and adaptable user experience. Mobile popup ads, native ads, incentive ads, mobile ad banners, and various display styles are all examples of mobile in-app advertising.


Mobile Interstitial Ads

Full-screen banners known as interstitial advertising are displayed in-between game stages. With SDKs, interstitial mobile advertising can be incorporated into the script of the program. Before the time span that ensures the immersive user experience finishes, mobile interstitial banners cannot be closed.


Mobile Games Ads

Mobile game advertisements offer the most engaging, interactive, and memorable user experience of the in-app ecosystem. Rewards videos or interstitial adverts are examples of in-game advertising that can be both static and dynamic.


Mobile Rich Media Ads

Mobile banner advertising, which contains a collection of HTML, CSS, JS, and image files, is used to provide mobile-rich media adverts. The advertiser can put the most audacious creative concepts into practice with mobile-rich media ads.

Why Choose Us ~

Why Choose Us as Your Mobile App Marketing Agency?

Smartphones are a part of most peoples lives and how they interact with the digital world. We understand the importance of reaching out to potential users to grow your brand recognition and covert users into leads. We’ll use effective technology and methods to ensure interested customers are getting relevant information in order to get your brand noticed by the right people.

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Our Online Reputation Management Process

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Our Case Studies

We’ve worked with numerous companies from varying industries over the years and we’ve managed to grow brands and take them to the next level with our bespoke services. Check out what our clients have to say about it.

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FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

We brainstorm concepts and put in incredible effort to make it materialize. Finding a reputable and creative mobile app marketing company should be the first priority when creating a mobile app. With the necessary skills and resources, Prism Digital is a well-known mobile app marketing company that can advertise your software. With clever strategies, we increase the popularity of your apps in the app store or play store.

When discussing “mobile,” some people can inquire as to whether your website and emails are “mobile-friendly” or “mobile responsive.” This is really a technological query about the content presentation capabilities of various platforms and gadgets. Without bothering about the underlying technology, you may also create a mobile-friendly email. Creating short, to-the-point content or selecting a single-column template are just a few easy ways to make your website mobile-friendly.

Building an app or using text message marketing doesn’t cost money. You are already investing in mobile marketing if you use email marketing. Sending your readers mobile-friendly messaging is crucial, as was already mentioned. Spend time on the mobile search after that. Stake a claim on your listing on search websites and applications. Finally, ask your readers to help you with your mobile marketing. Encourage people to use their phones to snap pictures, post reviews, and share with their networks at your establishment or events.

  • Before the product launches, get your audience pumped up and enthusiastic.
  • Interaction with your customers in real-time
  • Recognize your target market and examine its demographics
  • You may develop closer connections with your clients by using mobile app marketing.
  • Direct involvement and tailored advertising are made possible by app marketing.

The fact that mobile marketing has so many benefits is what makes it the channel of choice for marketers. Here are a few of them:

  • Less expensive – Compared to a laptop or a PC, sending an SMS is simpler, quicker, and easier to create.
  • Simple content makes it simple to adapt to different screen sizes.
  • Instant Message: The recipient will immediately receive the message that was sent. If the recipient’s phone is in standby mode, the message will be delivered as soon as the user turns it on.
  • Mobile messaging has the potential to go viral. People will immediately spread positive news, discounts, and offers.