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Why Push Notification Advertising?

Advertisers have typically found this format to be quite effective since it allows users to view and engage with ads at their leisure. Push Notification advertising, unlike traditional ads that expire after a few seconds or minutes, allows the user to interact with the ad whenever they want. A push notification ad can stay in the notification tray for days, allowing the viewer to read and interact with the ad at their leisure.

How We Do It? ~

Get more out of Push Notification Advertising with our Services

We create a powerful Push notification strategy to drive customer engagement. Our Push notification service encourages users to visit your brand and interact with it. By studying user patterns, we deploy these notifications at specific times to maximize engagement.



Even if a subscriber isn't utilizing the website or app, you can still deliver your ad message so they don't miss out on a single detail or communication.



Keep your customers connected and engaged. Constant interaction allows for your client to feel heard and understood which encourages them to contact you in the event that they have any queries about your product.



Deliver relevant and timely messaging, resulting in higher conversions and a better likelihood of attracting new clients and keeping existing ones.


Accessible for Every Device

When it comes to pushing notifications, messages may be viewed on any device, so your customers with any device can still receive your message.


Cross-Channel Campaigns

By including push notifications into your overall cross-channel mobile engagement strategy, you can improve campaign results. All of your consumer engagement data is available in one location, and coordinated multi-channel campaigns are simple to set up.



To tailor your promos and boost conversions, Prism Digital works together with your team to target customers based on their geography, buy history, and activity using segmentation.


Performance Evaluation

Keep an eye on your statistics to see what is most effective for your audience. Monitor the size of your audience and your click-through rate to evaluate performance.

Why Choose Us ~

Why Choose Us as Your Push Notification Advertising Agency?

Our team performs intensive research based on customer behavior, buying patterns, and preferences to make sure you are getting the most out of this service. We deliver powerful CTAs that lead to increased customer actions. We are able to offer the best Push notification strategies tailored to your business.

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Our Case Studies

Over the years, we have worked with many companies from various industries and managed to grow their business through our bespoke services. Find out what they have to say.

FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers of Prism Digital who own an iPhone or an Android device can subscribe to push notifications (phone or tablet) By subscribing to push notifications, you can get “push” versions of a company’s goods or services, such as alerts or one-time passcodes for authentication. Push notifications are an excellent way to communicate with your users. They are available as soon as a user opens the app and they allow you to engage with customers at any time.

Push notifications allow you to stay in touch with your audience and contact them often. It is simpler to inform customers about new items, release dates, specials, and launches, to name a few if your business has push notifications enabled. Reach out to us and we’ll help you get started with Push notifications for your company.

Website traffic is a crucial factor that companies shouldn’t overlook. Users have been directed to websites via popular channels like social networking, newsletters, and SMS marketing. But what could be more promising than these platforms that need less effort and time? notifications through push.

Push notifications help to improve user retention rates and boost app engagement. They can therefore not only stimulate interest in the subject of your message but also boost the profits your software generates. Push notifications perform two functions and provide several advantages simultaneously.

Yes. Only users who enter and exit the “fence” for a predetermined amount of time receive geofenced push notifications, which create virtual borders around a specific location. Our platform allows you to set the boundaries of the push notification’s time window and send it only to people who enter your predetermined hot zones within the course of an hour, a day, a week, etc. Your chances of bothering individuals with pointless notifications are greatly reduced as a result.