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SMS Marketing Services by Prism Digital

A cost-effective method to reach your customers and drive new business through personalized advertising.

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SMS Marketing
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Build A Network of Loyal Clients with Our SMS Marketing Services in Canada

Through effective text message marketing, we can reach your customers with a human touch through targeted, well-timed messages. You will be able to communicate time-sensitive information to your customers to show that you care about their brand experience.

How We Do It? ~

Personalized SMS Marketing Messages

SMS Marketing allows you to notify customers with personalized messages at the right time. This will ensure stronger brand relationship and allow you to grab & retain customers in real time. Here are some of the reasons why you should go for SMS marketing.


Quick and Efficient

You may communicate with a lot of individuals at once using bulk SMS marketing services. Text messaging is a quick marketing technique that puts your message in front of the right people at the right time. Customers frequently carry their mobile devices, making it simple to deliver your message to them.


Direct and To the Point

Your message will be crisp and simple because text messages are limited to a small number of characters. Straightforwardness, letting customers know exactly what you want them to know, and making it simple to read can help your business and the customer.


Effective Communication

Any long-term relationship with your clients must be based on open communication. When strengthening these connections, SMS marketing can be quite helpful. SMS is direct communication between you and your audience. Inform them of any promotions or promotional offers, let them know when their delivery is ready, and so on.


Boost word-of-mouth

Use SMS to attract new clients to your business as well as to engage your current ones. Your clients will tell their friends, family, and coworkers about you if you have something worthwhile to offer them. SMS encourages immediate communication, which is a significant instrument for word-of-mouth marketing.


Establish Loyal Clientele

SMS marketing is a fantastic way to interact with and win over repeat customers. When you feel the need, give your customers discounts and information about your company. By keeping them at the center of your business, you can make your consumers and clients feel valued.


Option to Accept

Building your database properly is crucial, not only for data protection reasons but also because the sales process has already begun when buyers sign up to hear from you. This opt-ins is qualified current or potential customers. They are eager to receive email and SMS marketing services about upcoming events and promotions.


Option to Decline

Your company must always give clients the option to opt-out of receiving more text messages with every SMS campaign. According to data protection laws, if you SMS someone, they must have the option to opt-out. Prism Digital, the best promotional SMS provider in Canada will rapidly update your database and keep you in compliance.


Save Time

You don't have to directly send your target a text message. Leave it to private messages. Because you're using text messaging services, you'll be able to send hundreds of marketing SMS in a short period of time. The best part about sending text messages is that they are instantly received.


Satisfied Customers

If there are any updates to your business, your consumers will be pleased when they receive your text blast. You can give them information about your store's promotions as well as online vouchers. Sending a text message to your customers about your store's sales is also a great method to keep them informed.

Why Choose Us ~

Why Prism Digital for Your SMS Marketing Campaigns?

We are a full-service agency with an in-house team of advertisers, designers, strategists, and project managers. We’ll provide you with the best promotional SMS service in the market. By using data-driven decision making and strategies, everything from planning, content creation and execution will be optimized in-house to deliver you effective results.

Content Management System
Approach ~

Reasons to Choose SMS Marketing

The benefits of SMS marketing are unknown to many. People think messages are outdated but it’s far from the truth. SMS marketing allows you to reach directly to the mobile users and notify them. If the message copy is effective, your messages are sure to be read and are bound to convert. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose SMS marketing for your business.

Work With Us ~

Our Case Studies

We have worked with multiple companies and have enabled their brands to grow through our bespoke services. Find out what they had to say.

FAQ's ~

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of firms will say yes to this. Text message marketing is an accessible, powerful marketing method that has gained popularity and is something that customers want. Use your present communication methods to ask your clients if they would like to be reached by SMS if you are ever in doubt. You may also invest in some market research. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Despite the fact that this changes depending on the client, their type of business, and their preferences, we send;

  • Are there any upcoming internet sales? Special promotions If so, send a text inviting customers to come in.
  • Segmented deals: After collecting your contact list, you can select which group you want to send a message to. Send a unique coupon or promotion to customers who deserve it.
  • Deals that are only available for a brief period of time are best announced to customers via text message because people read them so rapidly.
  • Remind clients about events that are coming up at your company, such as happy hour, live music, a special trunk sale, etc.

Quite a few. SMS marketing messages are limited to 160 characters by network providers. Get straight to the point while persuading your SMS subscriber to act. Because SMS marketing is a new channel, it also presents new difficulties. There will undoubtedly be a learning curve involved in learning how to write succinctly AND convincingly, but it’s essential if you want your SMS marketing to be successful.

Not only is SMS a potent channel by itself. When integrated with other channels like a website and email marketing, it boosts the effectiveness of a whole lifecycle marketing approach. Through marketing automation programs, Prism Digital can assist you in integrating your SMS messages.

Since SMS is a conversational form of communication in our daily lives, using a conversational tone in your SMS marketing messages is suitable. A tone that is overly formal when sending an SMS can come off as distant or cold. But be careful not to go too far the other way by becoming too casual. If it’s not a standard component of your already established branding, avoid using acronyms or slang.