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SIFF SEM Case Study

SIFF is a yearly film festival that is hosted on by FUNN, a company under Sharjah Government management. To promote the 2021 film festival, we collaborated with FUNN. Since children and young people are the target demographic for this festival, we had to develop a thorough plan to reach them.

Brief From The Client

SIFF’s main goal was to broaden its audience reach and effectively launch the 2021 edition of the film festival, have more sign-ups, and have a defined strategy for reaching their ideal demographic; children and youth. SIFF had a passionate community and a devoted client base.

Our Advertising Strategy

For SIFF, we chose to run advertising on Google, YouTube, and social media. Getting people to sign up to attend the virtual festival was the goal. We were able to allocate a precise budget to these branded keywords by adopting a manual cost-per-click technique for SIFF’s campaign (complemented with generic keywords in another similar campaign).


To increase signups, we launched advertisements on Google, YouTube, and other social media sites that catered to their target market. Millions of individuals were exposed to our omnichannel campaign, and we had numerous engagements with our advertisement.

  • Reached over 20million people with the launch campaign.
Reached over 20million people
  • Managed to get 750 engagements to our ads.
Managed to get 750 engagements
  • We managed to get over 29k conversions
managed to get over 29k conversions

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