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Story Rabat SEO Case Study

Story Rabat, which is well known for its wonderful ambiance, stylish design, and contemporary concept, has earned recognition in the Seychelles Islands, which are unquestionably the most beautiful in the world. Story Rabat now comprises more than 35 rooms and was inspired by the life and work of the historical impact “Zyriab.” The suites in this hotel have modern technology, fireplaces, and unique furniture. Additionally, one can ride a bike around, go on nature hikes, and have a spa experience of a lifetime.

SEO Services Offered

Brief from the Client

Story-Rabat’s goal was to boost online traffic. They partnered with Prism Digital because they wanted us to increase their website visibility which would, in turn, translate to more site visits and bookings. Only a small portion of their website had any search engine optimization and they wanted us to provide them with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Increase their lead generation quantity.

Our SEO Strategy

We decided that SEO was the most effective strategy for achieving this objective because there were a ton of terms that weren’t indexed. Story-Rabat needed an SEO strategy and a technical implementation plan, our team of SEO experts performed a keyword research audit.


Story Rabat’s website traffic increased as a result of Prism Digital’s efforts, and they were able to rank hundreds of keywords on the first page of Google. Additionally, we increased the website’s overall traffic its domain authority and increased their website visibility as well.

  • Ranked 500 keywords on Google’s first page
Organic Keywords
  • Increased domain authority from 21 to 42
Domain Rating
  • Increased overall site traffic by 411.61%
Overall Traffic
  • Decreased the bounce rate from 60% to 30%
Organic Traffic
  • The website’s health score increased from 40% to 90%
Health Score
  • Increased the website’s visibility by 8.44%
Site VIsibility


With our tailored SEO strategies, we managed to rank all of their branded keywords on the first page and doubled the overall website traffic in one year. We implemented off-page & on-page SEO strategies to increase the website’s health, domain authority, and visibility. Because of the increase in Da/PA, the website’s overall traffic and new visitors drastically increased.

  • Ranked 900 keywords on Google’s first page
  • Increased organic search traffic by 35.56%
  • Increased overall traffic by 100%
  • Written & published over 100 off page articles
  • Increased domain authority from 21 to 42
  • Increased the website’s health score from 55% to 77%
  • Increased the website’s visibility by 20%

SEO Services Offered

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